Although Mr. McCormack has retired from the active practice of law, his experience fighting for clients in the legal arena is an important backstop to his business consulting services. Our consulting services include risk assessment and management services ranging from new product development and protection to worldwide business issues and strategic intellectual property development. We work with select outside counsel on issues ranging from intellectual property procurement, licensing and litigation to business contracts and related business issues. Mr. McCormack has special experience in the Washington State i502 industry (Marijuana / Cannabis). He also teaches Business Law and Management at the University of Washington.


Timothy B. McCormack is a Seattle native and entrepreneur who is actively involved in many different fields. He is a well-regarded educator at University of Washington Foster School of Business, a nationally recognized intellectual property attorney, and, interestingly, an owner of a legal marijuana farm.

As an attorney, Tim worked for many major corporations, smaller firms, and many businesses. Through years of practicing law, he gained extensive experience and became regarded as an expert in patent and intellectual property law. He spent 8 years as Lead outside counsel (North America) for Getty Images (Billion + revenue), the world’s largest stock photography company, relating to Unauthorized Use and copyright infringement. He worked on developing and implementing the copyright infringement enforcement program. He also developed and successfully deployed a ground breaking internal system for processing cases (COPS: Copyright Offender Policing System).

Tim’s experience in starting his own firm gave him the confidence to pursue another entrepreneurial venture and open up Antoine Creek Farms, a Washington State cannabis producer. Initially, Tim had purchased land and was planning on growing crops, but was unsure about what crop to grow. He is a firm believer in taxation, regulation and legalization and saw no reason why they should not be applied to all goods. As soon as I-502 passed, legalizing marijuana in the state of Washington, Tim saw the possibility for a legal approach to all drugs, and wanted to be a part of it.

Tim is an experienced business person and has helped to build several successful businesses. His experience working with established and start-up businesses is now offered as a business consultant and a greatly reduced price.

As a business consultant Tim will not be offering legal advice but will work with select clients to help with product launches and protection strategies and risk management. One client has hired him to be their director of intellectual property. As a business consultant Tim will help clients to find and interface with appropriate legal counsel as well.


The Trade Secrets of Intellectual Property

The “Don’t Copy This* (aka “The Trade Secrets of Intellectual Property” Online Book & Video Series is an online Creative Commons law online book and video series by retired attorney Timothy B. McCormack, the founder of Seattle based Intellectual Property Law Firm, McCormack Intellectual Property Law PS

Copyright Cow

Copyright Cow™ is the Blog and alter-ego-Blogger name for Timothy B. McCormack, Retired attorney at law a well established and successful Seattle-based intellectual property, technology and business lawyer.

Seattle PI

A collection of Trademark and Copyright Law articles that I wrote exclusivity for the Seattle PI.


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